The courses listed here are the ones offered in English. Further courses can be found on our German webpage.

Bachelor Minor in Digitalization and Applied Data Science in Business, Economics and the Social Sciences ECTS Semester Lecturer
Data Management for Businesses 3 Every Spring TM, CM
Bachelor courses ECTS Semester  Lecturer
Introduction to Data Science 6 Every Spring PKS
Master courses ECTS         Semester         Lecturer           
Digital Business Transformation 6 Every Spring CM       
Cases in Information Resource Management 6         Every Autumn JD,TH
Information Resource Management 4.5 Every Autumn JD
Seminar Information Systems (DE/EN) 6   Every Spring    JD        
Enterprise-Software-as-a-Service Lab 6 Every Spring OK, TH
Data Science for Organizations 6 Every Autumn PKS
Digital Ecosystems and Individuals

if completed by HS23, the lecture is creditable as a seminar

6 Every Autumn CM