ICT Competence of users in the context of online information search

ICT Competence is defined as the ability of an individual to seek and process information from the Web with a target-oriented, appropriate approach. The specification of the ICT Competence of an internet user brings consequences for tourism. In order to offer information corresponding to the abilities of the customers, their ICT Competence should increasingly be taken into account. Thereby, the implementation of a targeted online offering will be enabled. Furthermore, it is important to systematically develop the abilities of the users for information search. In an expert interview with the person responsible for the Web appearance at vacando.ch, various measures to develop ICT Competence have been identified. In a next step, a catalogue with possible promotional measures should be developed on the basis of further expert interviews. As well as that, differences in ICT Competence of internet users because of demographic characteristics such as gender and age should be considered.

Research objectives:

  • Explaining of differences in the use of the internet for information retrieval
  • Identification of factors influencing the use of SST



Grüter, Marcel; Vogel, Manuela; von Burg, Simone; Myrach, Thomas (2010). Der Zusammenhang zwischen der Ability und der Online-Informationssuche am Beispiel des Schweizer Online-Reisemarktes (Arbeitsbericht 234). Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik, Universität Bern