Software Development with Platform-as-a-Service

Cloud computing transforms not only how organizations procure ready-made software products (software-as-a-service) but also how they develop software. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provides teams with ready-made software development infrastructure such as hardware, application and database servers, and development tools. PaaS products such as Heroku,, and the Swisscom Application Cloud, are the fastest growing segment of the cloud computing businesses. In our research we examine how software development changes with the use of PaaS. Our key finding is that PaaS allows teams to accelerate feedback processes in software development by facilitating experimentation, self-organization, and frequent deployment. PaaS is therefore an ideal companion for organizations transitioning to continuous software engineering practices.


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Krancher, Oliver; Luther, Pascal (2015). Software Development in the Cloud: Exploring the Affordances of Platform-as-a-Service. In: The 36th International Conference of Information Systems. Fort Worth, Texas. 13.-16.12.2015.